Following the success of the short film, 'Rain Catcher' will be turned into a feature film.
The script is currently in development.


Do you ever feel watched?


A voyeuristic photographer is on a quest to uncover the identity of his
stalker, a mysterious man who appears in his pictures.


Against the backdrop of a rainy, nocturnal, post-modern London, the film follows the story of a young photographer called Rain Catcher. He's a nighthawk, a loner, an adrenaline junkie who can't help but chase the next impossible shot. Shrouded in mystery, we know little of Rain Catcher, except that he has a troubled past as a voyeuristic photographer for hire, and a soft spot for his neighbour Yumi, an artsy Asian woman he spies on every night. Rain Catcher is now trying to break into artistic photography, but he's dragged back into the world of voyeurism when a mysterious man starts appearing in his pictures. Blending in with the crowd or peeping from a distant window, this shady character keeps appearing in his photos, always taking pictures of Rain Catcher. Who is he? And what does he want from the young photographer? Rain Catcher names him ‘The Watcher'. The young photographer gets a taste of his down medicine when posters and pictures of him start appearing around town, accusing him of being a ‘Peeping Tom'. On his pursuit for truth, Rain Catcher follows the trail left behind by ‘The Watcher', clue after clue, picture after picture. Rain Catcher's quest to unveil Watcher's indentity will take him on a journey down the darkest corners of the city... and of the human mind. In a world filled with paranoia, enemies hide behind every look and only the snapshot of a camera can define what is real from what is not. The stakes are at their highest when a recurring dream finally reveals to Rain Catcher what really happened, or what shouldn't have happened the night he snapped a couple in its intimacy. Is this the final piece of the puzzle to get to The Watcher? Will Rain Catcher untangle the mystery before everything and everyone turn against him?


The protagonist, Rain Catcher, is a tortured soul. He is a loner who spies on his neighbour at night, but dreams of connecting with people. He is a voyeuristic photographer for hire, but dreams of being a renowned artist. Rain Catcher is troubled by his mysterious past and by his obsession with voyeurism, which he cannot escape. Like an addict, he's attracted to the very same thing that is actually destroying him: spying on people, looking into their lives, capturing them on camera. Rain Catcher's personality is filled with vulnerability but also a stubborn boldness and fervid curiosity, that brings him and his camera to the darkest parts of town. The photographer's mind is populated by guilt. He hasn't yet eradicated the thoughts that kept tormenting him for a long time, and keep appearing in his dreams. Remorse is like a filter Rain Catcher applies over his work, his life, his very persona. What keeps Rain Catcher awake at night? The past will come knocking on his door in the form of The Watcher: the keeper of Rain Catcher's darkest secret, and both






Michele Fiascaris is an award-winning writer director of films and commercials. A London Film Academy 2010 graduate, he has directed the feature film 'Fat Cat', several shorts, and content for brands such as Nike, Fiat and P&G. Michele's latest short film "Rain Catcher" is distributed by HBO and has been selected in numerous Oscar-Qualifying and BAFTA-Qualifying festivals. The short has won the prestigious Silver Melies award and is nominated for the Golden Melies 2020, the highest recognition for a film of fantastic genre. ‘Rain Catcher' has premiered at the world's N.1 festival for fantastic and horror cinema, Sitges Film Festival, followed by HollyShorts in Hollywood, the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival and many more. Michele has recently directed the official trailer for the largest Asian film festival in Europe, the Far East Film Festival.


Venice-born Filippo is an award-winning writer and producer of commercials, short films and documentaries. He graduated from the University of West London with a BA in Advertising and Video Production in 2005. His advertising portfolio includes brands such as Fiat, Sony, P&G and Campbell's amongst others. He has produced content for TV networks such as HBO, A&E and RAI. Filippo's productions have been selected in several Oscar-Qualifying festivals, including HollyShorts and the world's foremost genre film festival, Sitges Film Festival. Filippo is currently developing his first feature film, 'Rain Catcher', based on the namesake short, which was the recipient of several awards, including the prestigious 'Silver Melies' in 2019. Filippo is the founder of award-winning short film festival Shorts On Tap, which he led to become the fastest-growing short film showcase in London with sold-out events and extensive media coverage. Shorts On Tap has been awarded the prestigious Film London Boost Award in 2015, and is now an international showcase with events planned in Berlin, and Tokyo. Shorts On Tap's collaborations include the London Film Academy, The British Film Institute, Samsung, TimeOut and Bagri Foundation.


Henrik Källsson, born in Lidköping, Sweden in 1981, Henrik studied Graphic Design and Photography at Svalövs Folkhögskola (Folk High School) and continued with studies in economics at Lund's University. After his studies it became clear for Henrik that his future was with the family business and he joined Erik Thun AB as 3rd generation ship owner. In 2013 he was appointed deputy managing director of the Thun Group. Film has always been a keen interest and the entertainment industry is alluring so he joined forces with Filippo and Michele to produce the coming feature movie Rain Catcher. He is also partner in the award winning Restaurant Riket in Malmö.


Yellow Pill is an award winning production company specialised in films, documentaries, commercials and music video production. Yellow Pill's films have been nominated in Oscar-Qualifying and BAFTA-Qualifying Film Festivals, and have achieved critical acclaim on publishings of the caliber of Empire Magazine and leading European newspapers, including La Repubblica. We have produced content for channels such as HBO, BBC, RAI and A&E Our portfolio of clients includes Nike, P&G, Sony Music, Kiehl's, FIAT, Campell's, the United Nations and many more. Our videos have hit millions of viewers, made national news and collected prizes worldwide. We have produced content for TVs such as BBC, RAI and A&E. Our latest noir film Rain Catcher, distributed by HBO and sponsored by Nike, stars rising talent Dudley O'Shaughnessy (Rihanna's “We Found Love” music video) and Jo Hartley (This is England, Eddie the Eagle). The film has won the prestigious Silver Melies and will compete for the Golden Melies 2020, the highest recognition for a film of fantastic genre. Rain Catcher has premiered in the world's leading film fantastic film festivals, including Sitges Film Festival (Oscar-Qualifying), Brussels Fantastic Film Festival, HollyShorts in Hollywood (CA), BIFAN in South Korea, Leeds Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, and Screamfest LA, America's largest horror festival.


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